About Us

Chemipol provides specialized additives and pigments into a wide range of industries.

Chemipol Solutions Pty Ltd

Chemipol Solutions Pty Ltd is a South African based company with strong support from International principles.

Chemipol Solutions provide specialised additives and pigments into a wide range of industries including coatings, plastics and Printing inks.

Established in 1999 Chemipol Solutions have a footprint not only in South Africa but also in Sub Saharan Africa where we strive to maintain our excellent technical and logistic support.

Chemipol Solutions Pty Ltd strive to stay flexible and embrace new ideas remembering that quality, service and price are paramount.

The Team

Chemipol employs a top team of professionals within the industry, to ensure you always get the best service.
  • James Di Blasio

    Managing Director

  • Ian Clark

    Sales Manager

  • Chemipol Team

Our Products

Below some photos of some of our products.