Dynamic Int

Established in December, 2004, Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing Chemical Park. Glycol ethers factory covers 140 acres, while the Ethylene Oxide factory covers 220 acres, with overall investment of 200 million dollars. Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. makes good use of its location and resources of raw materials which make it possible for raw materials pipeline supplies. In addition, fully equipped public facilities ensure that the company can operate efficiently and safely.

Glycol Ethers factory now has 6 sets of manufacturing units, with production capability of 400,000 T/A. The company is the biggest glycol ether manufacturer in Asia with an excellent global reputation.

The entire manufacturing process has been automated. The level of automation of all devices has reached the advanced level of similar chemical plants globally.

Our company has introduced advanced technology from the American SD Company and has built two process units for Ethylene Oxide a 60,000T/A unit and 100,000T/A unit. Putting ethylene oxide into production ensures the normal production of ethylene glycol ethers as well as its downstream products, leading the extension of our industrial chain.