• Specialised Supplier of Innovative Pigments, Additives and Bio-Based Plasticisers

  • Skychem

    Chemipol and Skychem have kept almost 10 years of good relationship in business of the colouration of inks, paints, coating and other materials. Since year 2010, Chemipol has acted as an independent distributor of Skychem, the sole right to market and sell Skysperse® Pigment Predispersed Chips in South Africa.

  • Dyna-Purge

    Shuman Plastics, Dyna-Purge Division  are very proud of the strategic partnership we have formed with Chemipol Solutions. They embody the key principles and core values that we also hold dear. Honesty, integrity, dependability are all ideals that shine through in every exchange.

About Us

Chemipol Solutions Pty Ltd is a South African based company with strong support from International principles.
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Chemipol supplies a wide variety of quality pigments, chemicals and dyes to the South African market.
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Chemipol collaborates with some of the best trusted manufacturers in the world, to ensure that you only get the best.
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Our Suppliers