Aluminium Paste
Aluminium Paste 215G
Aluminium Paste 3303
Aluminium Paste 8011BA
Aluminium Paste 1309BA
Aluminium Paste 836B
Aluminium Paste 8504
Aluminium Paste 9113BA
(Solvent Based Ink)

Tilosperse 20000S
(Water Based Ink)

Fluorescent Pigment
Panax Green FB-905*
Panax Orange FB-305*
Panax Orange Yellow FB-207*
Panax Pink FB-503*
Panax Red FB-403*
Panax Rose FB-507*
Pigment Panax Yellow FL205***
*(Water Based Ink)
***(Water Based Ink) & (Solvent Based Ink)

Cinilex DPP Orange SJ1C
Cinilex DPP Red SR1C
Cinilex DPP Red SR2P
Cinilex Yellow SY1H
Cinilex Yellow SY2T
(Water Based Ink) & (Solvent Based Ink)

Inorganic Pigment
Black Pow Carbon 5317F*
Chrome Oxide Green ATS-L**
Pearlescent Pigment White 120***
Pigment BE Black 5319F*
Titanium Dioxide NTR606**
Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-F9300**
Titanium Dioxide ZR965**
*(Water Based Ink)
**(Solvent Based Ink)
***(Water Based Ink) & (Solvent Based Ink)

Ketonic Resin
Resin US 100
(Solvent Based Ink)

Maleic Resin
Resin SS210
(Solvent Based Ink)

Organic Pigment
Dic Sun Fast Orange RL 1156***
Mallak Phthalo Blue (M3D8)**
Panax Yellow 3R (PY 83)*
Phthalo Blue 15:1***
Phthalo Blue 15:3*
Pigment Colour Cast Violet 3***
Pigment Green 7 (M7L4)*
Pigment Red 48:2***
Pigment Violet RL-V23***
Suppigment Red SC EC PR122*
*(Water Based Ink)
**(Solvent Based Ink)
***(Water Based Ink) & (Solvent Based Ink)

Solvent Black 34
Solvent Orange 45
Solvent Red 8
Solvent Yellow 82
(Solvent Based Ink)

Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (ATBC)
(Solvent Based Ink)

Polyamide Resin
Resin 7910
Sunmide 556W-2
(Solvent Based Ink)

Polyurethane Resin
Dropack 5244
(Solvent Based Ink)

Pre-Dispersed NC Chip
Skysperse Barium Red 2B-NC
Skysperse Black B-NC 60A (B7)
Skysperse Blue BFFR-NC (B15:4)
Skysperse Green G 7 NCA
Skysperse Red BBC-NC (R48:2)
Skysperse Red R-NC 4 Chip
Skysperse Rubine 4B-NC 57:1
Skysperse Violet PTMA-NC (V3)
Skysperse Violet RL-NC 23
Skysperse Yellow 13 AAMX
(Solvent Based Ink)

Cheminol PM 99.5%
Ethanol 95/E5
Ethoxy Propanol PE99.0%
Ethoxy Propanol
(Solvent Based Ink)

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