Challenge, Creative,Confident

Since our founding in 1969, our passion to be theWorld’s best has never ceased.With the full support of the Ukseung organisation, as well as the support of our domestic and global customers,we nowstand side by side withworld class pigment suppliers.

Ukseung Chemical is a competitive part of the Global Pigment Industry. Ukseng’s Organic, Inorganic, Flourescent and Specialty Pigments are used in all major world markets. Colouring our world through new technologies, our goal is to provide colourants that invigorate and brighten lives.

“ To be in touch with Ukseung is to be in touch with the World’s best technology”
Byun Jun Seok, CEO

By leading theway in technical advancement and innovation,we are able to meet all demandsand expectations of the global market.

Panax Colors include Organic, Inorganic, Fluorescent, Luminescent and Specialty Pigments. It is our desire to be knownas aworld class supplier.

We continue to move forward with our focus on the development of new innovative products, and our ever vigilant standards for quality.

PANAX, our brand name, is knownfor representing theworld’s finest pigments.