Aluminium Paste
Aluminium Paste 215G (Non Leafing)
Aluminium Paste 3303 (Brilliant Leafing)

Novox B225
(Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Antistatic Additive
(Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Brightening Agent
Optical Brightener OB
Optical Brightener OB-1
(Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)

Flame Retardant
Antimony Trioxide Powder 99.8%
(Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Fluorescent Pigment
Panax Green FB-905
Panax Orange FB-305
Panax Orange Yellow FB-207
Panax Pink FB-503
Panax Red FB-403
Panax Rose FB-507
Pigment Panax Yellow FL205
(Plastic Masterbatch)


Cinilex DPP Red SR1C (Plastic Compounding)
Cinilex DPP Red SR2P (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Cinilex DPP Red SR2PL (Plastic Masterbatch)
Cinilex DPP Rubine SR5H (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Cinilex Red SR4C (Plastic Compounding)
Cinilex Yellow SY1H (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Cinilex Yellow SY2T (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Impact Modifier
Chlorinated Polyethylene
(Plastic Masterbatch)

Inorganic Pigment
Black Pow Carbon 5317F (Plastic Masterbatch)
Lemon Chrome Pigment Yellow 34 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Middle Chrome Yellow 34 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Pearlescent Pigment White 120 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Phthalo Pigment Blue 15:3 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Pigment BE Black 5319F (Plastic Masterbatch)
Pigment Brown 24 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Scarlet Chrome RD104 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Titanium Dioxide CR83 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Titanium Dioxide ZR965 (Plastic Compounding)
Ultramarine Blue 2502 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Light Stabilizer
Novostab 622
Novostab 783
Novostab 944
(Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Libnol G-1011 (Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)
Libnol G-11 (Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)
Libnol G-212 (Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)
Libnol G-6011 (Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)
Libnol G-7411 (Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)
Libwax-C (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Polyethylene Wax (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Organic Pigment
Panax Blue Bsr (PB 15:2) (Plastic Masterbatch)
Phthalo Blue 15:1 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Phthalo Blue 15:3 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Pigment Red PR170 F3RK (Plastic Masterbatch)
Pigment Violet RL-V23 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Pigment Yellow HWGP 168 (Plastic Masterbatch)
Suppigment Red SC EC PR122 (Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)
Suprinto Red SC-BBN 57.1 (Plastic Masterbatch)

Bio Based Plasticizer
Epoxidised Soya Bean Oil
Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM)
Chlorinated Paraffin
(Plastic Masterbatch) & (Plastic Compounding)

Polyamide Polymer
Domamid 6AV1 Black
Domamid 6AV1 Natural
Domamid 6G 15H1 NC
Domamid 6G30H Black
Domamid G15 Natural
Econamid 66G30FL Black
Econamid 6FL Black
Econamid 6G30FL Black
Econamid 6ST1 Black
Econamid FL Natural
(Plastic Moulding)

Purging Compound
Dyna Purge D2
Dyna-Purge F2
(Plastic Moulding)

Rheology Modifier
(Plastic Compounding)

UV Absorber
Novosorb 326
Novosorb 234
Novosorb P
Novostab 770
(Plastic Masterbatch), (Plastic Moulding) & (Plastic Compounding)

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