Skychem is located in Zuhai City Guangdong Province China the company is dedicated to develop and produce performance Pigment Chips, Nano Pigment dispersions , pigment dispersion for ink jets and speciality Chemicals. The company has established itself as one of the most dynamic organic pigment producers in China, supplying a wide spectrum of pigments, colourants, pigment dispersions, resins and speciality chemicals, our latest technology of Nano dispersion has helped many inkjet ink producers achieve fine particle
pigment inks without premilling.

We export to many multinational companies in the European, North and South American, South East Asian, Japanese and Korean markets..

Skysperse pigmented chip dispersions also known as pigmented chips or colour chips are organic and inorganic pigments pre-dispersed in various resin systems such as RS and SS nitrocellulose,water based acrylic co-polymer, polyamide, vinyl co-polymer, CAB, PVBresins for application in making high quality flexographic and rotogravure printing inks as well as high performance coatings. SKYCHEM also offer nano and sub nano particle sized pigment dispersions for use in ink jet inks and high tech coatings..