DOMO Engineering Plastics has production units and professional teams in Germany, Italy, China and US. The synergies between our state-of-the-art compounding plants worldwide support our strategy to continuously grow our innovative capabilities and provide globally a high quality product line and excellent service levels.

The DOMO Engineering Plastics product portfolio covers standard and special grades of Nylon 6 and 6.6 DOMAMID® and Polypropylene DOMAMID® engineering plastics for Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Goods applications, together with several UL-listed materials for the Electrical and Electronic market segment.

DOMO EP is your ticket to innovation. Our DOMAMID® product range offers natural, XB (patented technology) or full compound coloured products. The excellent base material derived fromour polymerisation guarantees top quality.

DOMAMID® products combine different benefits such as high mechanical strength and stiffness, rigidity or flexibility, thermal stability, good impact resistance even at low temperature, superior aesthetic properties, lowfriction and outstanding processability.

The ECONAMID® product range offers environment-friendly alternatives with an excellent balance of high mechanical properties and competitiveness. ECONAMID® matches concern for our future with untarnished quality and competitive pricing. By using unique fibre feedstock, monitoring our energy consumption and using renewable energy sources we have managed to produce a top-quality ‘green’ range of products.

Our whole ECONAMID® product range stems from an acute and exigent need in our reference markets. More specifically: the need for ecological yet affordable products and raw materials without making any sacrifice whatsoever to quality.