TIANLONG CHEMICALS CO., LTD. is a private enterprise whichwas established by 9 chemical engineers in 1988, located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, the company has four manufacturing bases of total area 153,000 square meters and 230 staff members and operators.

The core business activities of our company are development and production of high end additives for coatings, pigment concentrates, ink and leather colourings. We have currently more than 300 types of additives for sale and the typical items of them are already widely applied domestically in automobile OEM coatings, refinishing coatings, coil coatings, wood coatings and other industrial coatings.

The rosin derivatives researched and developed by us independently have been widely applied in organic pigments production by most of big pigment manufacturing companies in theworld and they have becomeone of the indispensable and key raw materials in the pigment industry. We are the largest supplier of Fast Red B Base (PNOA) and Fast Red GL Base (MNPT) in the world and we are the only producer producing 4B Acid, with capacity of 5000 tons annually, with solvent method in China. Our company today has become a leading manufacturer of additives for coatings and inks, rosin derivatives, pigment derivatives and pigment intermediates in China.

We dedicate ourselves to customers’ demands for their production and R&D by setting up application test laboratories in many locations in China, providing optimized solutions to customers, serving various areas of coatings, inks, plastics coloring, ceramic inkjet inks, leather coating, pigment surface treatment, synthetic material and artificial marble etc..It enables us to extend our service from sales to providing solutions. Our top ranking R&D team related closely to production and application has been strongly supporting unceasing innovation and development of our company and the powerful strength in technological development and application research will make our “Tilo” additives become one of the top brands both in China and abroad.